Marty Sammon par Latvian Blues Band

Being a traveling, full-time musician, I come across players of all kinds in this world. I am one of the blessed people who have had the privilege to share the stage with the Latvian Blues Band. This band consists of young musicians who have great respect and admiration for the blues.

I first met this group of musicians in 2001 when I was asked along with my friend, Giles Corey to play at the Bites Blues Club in Riga. At that time, the band that was to back us up was very young but very well versed in many styles of blues and other types of music. These days, they are still very young (some look younger now than then) and even more experienced. Their resumes far exceed anything I could imagine. They play behind musicians that most sidemen and band leaders can only dream of and they do it extremely well. It’s a trip to travel to Eastern Europe and hear Muddy Waters the way it was supposed to sound. It’s even more of a trip to hear them play some Professor Longhair or Dr. John, or James Booker with me and make me feel like I need to go home and practice my chops. There have been very few membership changes in this band and I think that that is due to the fact that these guys are not only fellow musicians but also very good friends. And their friendship carries over to the players they share the stage with. I’m talking about good vibes and good moments on stage as well as off the stage. The only negative connotation I know about this band is that they are known for backing up other artists and not so much for their own material. I say this because I know that they have a lot of their own stuff to offer that stems from that blues tradition that I and they admire. I hope that the blues world will take note of their own show because it is a world-class blues show like nothing else. Great vocals and instrumentation! Every artist deserves their own recognition and I hope that this band get it. Being from Chicago I believe that I know good players when I see them. I strongly endorse the Latvian Blues Band and hope to continue my relationship with them for many years to come.


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