Latvian Blues Band at Sierre Blues Festival

At the end of August, Latvian Blues Band will attend one of the most prestigious festivals in Europe – “Sierre Blues Festival”. The latvian representatives will play the main stage of the festival on August 27th, the third day of the event.

“Sierre Blues Festival” will take place in south Switzerland, in the city Sierre from August 25th until 28th, already the third year in a row. This year’s international blues music event will have more than 25 performers, with noteworthy artists and bands such as Janiva Magness (USA), JW-Jones (Canada) and “Status Quo” (Great Britain).

“We are honored to participate at “Sierre Blues Festival” and it’s an honor to go on the stage right after such legents as “Status Quo”, remark the members of Latvian Blues Band.

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